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One on One Coaching Programs by

Shweta Dipen Mulchandani

“A Star does not compete with other stars around it, it just knows how to shine”.

Why Life Coaching?

Ever wondered why you really need life coaching?

To identify your core values & passion

To get clarity on your vision & true purpose

To shift from fixed mindset to growth mindset

To become self-aware

To build self-confidence & self-belief

To manage stress & anxiety

To tap into your hidden potential

To get rid of mind blocks,fears & limiting beliefs

To develop good relationships

To set SMART goals for personal development & career growth

Chai Pe Charcha

See if we are a good fit before starting One-on-One Program

All My Sessions Are Personalized To Find Your Passion and Purpose Of Life and Become The Very Better Version Of Yourself.

Meet Me On Tea For 30 Minutes TO Have A Chitchat And See If We Are A Good Fit For Each Other.

Post Catch Up If You Are Ready Will Begin With One on One Coaching.

Focus Area We Work On

We focus on the following areas in our one on one program


It’s a super power, once you start believing in yourself the magic starts happening.


A true passion that burns within your soul and heart is the one that can never be put out.

Work Life Balance

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family

Happiness From Core

I will guide you to stay happy completely and fall in love with your divine soul.


Read the genuine testimonials by customers

“Your questions were wonderful, it took me deep to think, really wonderful.”

Priyadarsini Lopamudra

“It was a wonderful session and have started loving myself and implementing it in my life after meeting you, dear. So I thank god for such a lovely friend and you and all my TTT friends.”

“Dear Shweta your session yesterday was superb and beautifully presented. The video on how water reacts t the sounds around us and our feelings was an eye-opener and mind-blowing to say the least.”


  • Trained By Mac Attram, Puja Puneet, Blair Singer, Thaddeus Lawrence
  • Trained By Ron Malhotra For Powerful Communication Skills
  • Certified Fashion Designer From NIFD
  • Certified Professional Makeup Artist By Simmi Makwana
  • Certified Divapreneur By Puja Puneet
  • Member Of Gratitude Club

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About Me

I am on the mission to help women to lead towards the dream life and become the better version gain confidence and live a life of abundance.

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