To control the intangible invasion, it is possible to inform people about the conditions and reasons to monitor the activity. Although it does not mean that people will be aware of being monitored, they may predict when or whether this scanning will take place one day. It will reduce the invisibility of mass surveillance and help people to feel more secure. It is also possible to impose certain restrictions on the extent to which information is examined.

Understanding of the problem when you have finished reading. For a synthesis, you combine separate elements into a whole. In this example, the author puts different sources in conversation with one another. Rather than simply describing the content of the sources in order, the author uses transitions (like “similarly”) and makes the relationship between the sources evident. Do your best to highlight the relationships between sources in very clear ways. Don’t force a relationship between sources if there isn’t one.

Think of some arguments that they can provide to prove their opinion. After you have the list of arguments, find the written evidence of why they are wrong and put them in your essay. In this sample paragraph, the paragraph begins with one idea then drastically shifts to another. Rather than comparing the sources, the author simply describes their content.

The perfect paper will take ideas from various sources, summarize them, and combine them into a thesis statement — a single position that the synthesis essay is trying to argue. Identifying the synthesis statement will help you combine it with other theses, helping you to write in cohesive synthesis essay format. The essay’s body ensures an organization of points, similarities, related context, and the topic follow a logical flow of ideas.

The film, having much more positive tone, offers a way to protect our cell phones from scanning. It is necessary to take the phone apart and build it back up as our own. I cannot even partially agree with this idea as it sounds ridiculous.

In the long run, as long as you follow the definition of what a synthesis essay is, you will be able to craft your own creative work. A synthesis essay is an assignment that requires a unique interpretation of a particular topic using several reliable sources. Don’t be afraid to be creative in your paper, use different points of view, and come up with creative and appealing ideas.

I am convinced that extensive mass surveillance is criminal activity that deprives people of their privacy right. The agencies monitor whatever they consider suspicious activity, but the definition of the “suspicious activity” does not exist. The public is also unaware of the principles and criteria of mass surveillance. We are eager to know the parameters of suspicious behavior and estimate the probability of being monitored. People have a right to know when and why their information is scanned. Otherwise, invisible governmental activity is similar to crime.

Hence, to avoid potential complications, people should be aware of the terms and reasons for surveillance and feel more secure in the online space. Regarding its ineffectiveness, the extensive mass surveillance is illegal activity. The government may use this information for its benefit without making people aware of it.

Proofreading helps fix spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and other grammatical mistakes in the essay. She prides herself on writing exceptional general guides while listening to every need of students. The correct thing is not just citing direct quotations without also mentioning any concepts that may be built on those words or sentences.

Homeschooling can significantly enhance the efficiency and efficacy of learning. There is little time lost each day waiting in queues because of the low student-teacher ratio. There are numerous homeschooling methods or styles to pick from. Learners can benefit from contextual learning or the pursuit of their interests. Many parents believe that studying based on interests promotes the growth of abilities and knowledge in all subject areas (“Benefits of Homeschooling,” 2019). Additionally, strength-based learning makes homeschooling even more effective.