Meet Your Life Coach

Shweta Dipen Mulchandani

Guiding women back to their Wholeness, radiance, inner wisdom & power through Confidence & Mental positivity.[contacts]

What You Can Expect?

There are many benefits of this program and some of them are mentioned below


It’s a super power, once you start believing in yourself the magic starts happening.


A true passion that burns within your soul and heart is the one that can never be put out.

Work Life Balance

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family

Happiness From Core

I will guide you to stay happy completely and fall in love with your divine soul.

Why Life Coaching?

Ever wondered why you really need life coaching?

To identify your core values & passion

To get clarity on your vision & true purpose

To shift from fixed mindset to growth mindset

To become self-aware

To build self-confidence & self-belief

To manage stress & anxiety

To tap into your hidden potential

To get rid of mind blocks,fears & limiting beliefs

To develop good relationships

To set SMART goals for personal development & career growth


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Success Outcomes

What you can get from the life coach


Enhance self-awareness for clarity on vision, purpose, values, attitude and behaviours


Enhance self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation


Enhance self-confidence & self-belief for better decision making


Clarity on short term and long term goals for personal & professional success


Amplify performance & productivity by becoming clear on your strengths and leveraging them


Get rid of mind blocks to embrace opportunities and possibilities


Become aware of limiting beliefs to create success and happiness


Subconscious reprogramming to get rid of judgements and limiting behaviours


Build deeper and meaningful relationships in personal and professional lives


Realizations and insights to create more success in every area of life

About Me

I am on the mission to help women to lead towards the dream life and become the better version gain confidence and live a life of abundance.

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